I am immensely grateful to all of my friends who offered to read the manuscript of Faith, the Ugly Dog prior to publishing the book. Their heartfelt comments are much appreciated and I love that they come directly from the heart. I’m sharing some of them here:

“I love the message your book offers. Faith displays a true, kind heart. While reading this to my granddaughter, it gave me the opportunity to discuss with her why we should all try to be like Faith. We were able to talk about having choices as to how we react to others and choosing the kind, loving way rather than “getting even” or being mean. Thanks for writing a book that can be used as a tool for how we act, young or old.”  – K. Coney

“I am sitting here with my dog Bailey asleep on my lap and loving her funny looking teeth and short, little legs. I am so glad that she doesn’t mind my looks on the outside and loves the inside of me. I am honored to have been able to read “Faith, the Ugly Dog”. Much love to you and your special dog Faith. You both are truly an inspiration to so many of us. You make me want to be a better person.” – K. Morris

“This is a fantastic story! It warms the heart and sends children a very important message, especially in today’s society where bullies and mean people are everywhere. I know that this story will shed some light as to how powerful words are and how deeply they can hurt. No child should ever feel ashamed of how they look. True beauty definitely comes from within and “Faith, the Ugly Dog” will help children to find the beauty within themselves.” – L. Miller

“Faith the ugly dog is a powerful metaphor for society’s view on what is considered perfect to their standards. I encourage everyone of every age to invest the time to read this book because it illustrates and conveys that not being beautiful on the outside is not what makes us who we are regardless what the majority, or society may think. Rather, the attributes of kindness and love are what give us substance and beauty. I LOVE this book and love the inspirational message.” – M. Smith

I LOVE this book! I read it and also read it to my daughter who has three small children under the age of six. This story is a great way to explain to children that some people look different on the outside and to treat them nicely and with respect because they have feelings just like you do. My daughter Kristin, being married into the Military, said you see soldiers on post that are disfigured and when her children ask about it, she replies that sometimes things happen and there are things that we can’t control but there are good things on the inside of that person that matter. I know my grandchildren would love this book.” – K. Browning 

“This book is a heartwarming story of a sweet, and yes ugly, little dog as she overcomes the hurtful actions of others to realize her true beauty and strength in life. This wonderful little book conveys the true essence of humanity by teaching us to look beyond the normal stereotypes in life so that we may seek and appreciate the inner values of those around us. Sharing this sentiment with your loved ones will surely make the world a more beautiful place.” – C. Varela

“Your book, “Faith, the Ugly Dog” is awesome. I love it.”– D. Dykes

“What an encouraging story. Students will be able to connect with the character that doesn’t feel like everyone else. Sick children may also connect because of the changes their bodies go through during treatment. Faith’s spirit, in the dream and in real life, is a really good example. I love that she chose to forgive and help the black dog even though she had been hurt emotionally by the big dog’s thoughtless words. The dream is a really good way to help the reader look beyond the present to what could be. It was a good way for Faith to move to a good place and to adjust her thinking and her feelings. This felt really pro-active and healthy. She chooses not to have a martyr spirit.  She chooses not to try to get back at the person who hurt her feelings. Faith is a character we like because of her character.  The mom’s words of affirmation about “the inside” help clarify that. I had such fun imagining Buzzardillopossum’s outfit!  That will make for great illustrations.  The spinning/wagging tail taking the dogs out of the hole was such fun too. Buzzardillopossum’s name is really cool and fun!  If I were doing it as a read-aloud, I think I’d have to practice it a few times to make sure I got it right!  :). “I enjoyed this story!”   – B. Hayes

“It’s one of the best children’s books I have ever read! A very strong message made in a very delicate way, beautifully written!” – K. Byrd

“I love the confidence portrayed by Faith.  She believes in herself despite the mean comments.  What a great message it sends to kids of all ages!” – K. Libecap

“Loved this book!  Such an inspiration.” – S. Andersen